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5 Italian Hairstyles Men Should Try in 2020

Italy has always been synonymous with fashion and style. In fact, Italians are some of the most stylish people in the world where they pioneer trends from fashion to hairstyles. For Italian men, a good haircut is just as important as a good outfit.


Here are five of the best Italian hairstyles that you can try this year:

The side part crew cut

One of the most classic cuts for Italian men, the side part crew cut features sides that are medium faded where a part is done using a razor. This cut is considered clean and neat, which is perfect if you’re in the corporate world or if you’re a businessman looking to impress clients because it gives off that professional look. Maintain this cut with the right Italian hair products and you’ll surely make heads turn wherever you go. 

The disconnected quiff


Featuring a low to medium fade on the sides of the head, the disconnected quiff is a bit on the edgier side, especially with the top part styled into a quiff. But if done right by a good barber, this Italian hairstyle can easily turn your look from drab to fab even if you’re just wearing a shirt and jeans combo. Just make sure to learn how to comb your hair properly to achieve that smooth finish. 

The classic pompadour

If you want to channel your inner Elvis Presley with a modern twist, the classic pompadour is perfect for you. With the sides still fading low and a tight taper towards the top, this hairstyle finishes off with the top styled into a pompadour that will make you look like a superstar in no time.

The flat-top undercut

One of the more modern options, especially for younger Italians is the flat top undercut, which is named because the top part of the hair is cut in a way that it looks flat from the sides. The sides are still fading lowly and the hair can be combed towards the back of the head easily. This clean and sleek cut is perfect if you want a professional look with a hint of edge or you just want something that makes you look younger.

The rockabilly undercut

Another neat kind of haircut, the rockabilly undercut features a complete medium fade along the sides with a side part going into a tight tapering look. The top hair is then brushed completely towards the back to complete the look.

But what if you have curly hair? A lot of Italians go for the messy curly fade where they can embrace their curls and still look stylish at any given time. With this type of haircut, your sides will be cut to a medium fade and the top to look messy yet still chic. 

To learn more about hairstyles for men and the best hair products, make sure to read blogs like Beauticate where you can also pick up some tips about style, fashion and beauty from different celebrities and A-list personalities.  

Requirements To Become A Successful Fashion Photographer

We can get a glimpse of fashion photography nearly anywhere we view TV, newspapers, web and all media. Amazing ladies with long legs and also tanned skin scream for focus on news stands all over the place.

It is the style photographer who is largely accountable to bring those professional photographers to us, the daily individuals. Unlike what one frequently envisions, there is more to fashion photography than a glitzy life style, enjoyable and occurring models. As a matter of fact there is a great deal of preparation entailed behind every fashion photograph that we see.

A name such as Mario Testino has actually come to be famous in the world of style photography. Did you recognize that photographers like him are equally as searched for as the models that they photograph? At times the photographer is an also larger celeb than the design.

This profession might seem desire like to the young and passionate digital photographer however it is not all about fun and also glamour. It is not practically fulfilling the abundant as well as the popular, the fat checks and also the feeling of rock that selects fashion digital photography. Did you know, for every single one digital photographer that is successful, there are hundreds that are left searching for strive years? Lots of quit after a few years while some do take place to come to be successful later on in life.

If you wish to come to be a fashion professional photographer –

1. Learn the art well

There is no end to discovering. Below is where several a young person goes astray. they are so troubled regarding the style as well as the glamour associated with the style professional photographer, they concentrate extra on looking right than shooting right. Know your digital photography so well that it comes naturally to you. Get publications on the subject as well as review them to increase your understanding of the topic.

2. Equipment

Alongside the right expertise comes the right tools. Below is a hard truth – you can not be a good style digital photographer unless you can afford pricey devices. Cams are not affordable, and also you have brand-new ones appearing every period. If you can not manage to begin with an excellent cam and lights system, your knowledge would go to waste.

3. The profile

The portfolio of a photographer is what finally lands the task. Make certain you have an outstanding folio with your best work thoroughly selected. Select the most effective 4 by 5 slide images you have. Some prefer to make prints. It is recommended – if you are talking about something with a photography pro, bring the slides. If it is a developer you are satisfying the prints might be a better idea as well as more convenient for everyone.

4. Personality

Any kind of editor is looking for initial talent, so make certain you have a strong specific perspective. It is OK to be impacted by another professional’s point of view, as long as you add or eliminate from it to make it distinct and different. You require an identification!

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”

-Diane Arbus-